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Why Arrowsmith

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Why Arrowsmith

At Cayman Learning Centre & School, students engage in a series of cognitive exercises aimed at fortifying their brains and addressing the specific weaknesses contributing to their learning challenges. Research indicates that the Arrowsmith Program enhances connectivity within and between significant brain networks, addressing a common neurological concern prevalent across various learning difficulties, not limited to Learning Disabilities.

How Arrowsmith Helps

The Significance of Cognitive Functions in Our Daily Lives

The brain is at the core of all our daily activities, playing a fundamental role in everything we do, from talking and walking to planning a budget, leading a project, or interacting with friends. Throughout the day, every aspect of our brain is actively engaged, underscoring the significance of each part in our daily functioning.

Boosting Cognitive Capacity for Lifelong Success

Recognizing the evolving demands of the future, organizations like the World Economic Forum and the Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD) highlight the importance of essential skills beyond traditional academics. They stress the need for a robust combination of cognitive functions throughout life to equip individuals for continuous learning and success. Strengthening cognitive functions is key to fostering the acquisition of vital skills crucial for a fulfilling life.

When Cognitive Functions Aren’t Operating as They Need to

In various situations, it becomes apparent that certain cognitive functions, either individually or in combination, are not performing optimally. This becomes noticeable in educational settings, workplaces, independent tasks, and social interactions.

Individuals may receive diagnoses for learning disabilities, encompassing challenges in various areas. Specific diagnoses such as dyslexia (reading difficulties), dysgraphia (writing difficulties), dyscalculia (math difficulties), non-verbal learning disabilities, memory difficulties, auditory processing disorder, executive function disorder, and attentional problems (ADD/ADHD) may be assigned to pinpoint particular difficulties.